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Streaming Media Player Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

If you are finding some best streaming media player, you are going to be happy with the listing. Of course, we have found out there are many people who find it difficult to look for the best streaming media player. As so, we have done most of the tasks for you. We have searched for the best of them, we have reviewed them one by one, and after we have finally compared those selected items, the most outstanding streaming media players are left out to recommend. As a result, we have the 5 best streaming media player reviews for your consideration. They are listed down here with the brief reviews which you will see the main features included. And you can check out the differences between each of them, and it will not be difficult to select after that while the overall quality of these are reliable.

1.Fire TV Stick


The first best stream media player to suggest is the Fire TV stick. This is a smart design with great performance to serve. It could be use to connect to the TV’s HDMI port, and it will allow users to check out over 4000 channels, games, apps as well as accessing so many of the TV episodes and movies on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and a lot more. As well, the item features 4 times of the storage and 2 times as the memory with dual core processor and 1GB memory. With the streaming media player, there is not a need to wait any longer while it is buffering. This is really one of the best alternatives of the best streaming media player you could have a look on the internet. At the same time, the majority of the users have ensured the reliability of this item as it has served them very well. And, simply, with one of these, you will never miss your favorite program again.

2.Pigflytech MX3+ plus Quad Core 2GB/8GB/4K/S812 Android TV Box & Game Palyer

2The second best streaming media play to present is the Pigflytech MX3+. This is another highly recommended choice. That is the Android TV box which has been recognized as having a great service to serve. For one reason, it features the fastest S812 that works to decode H265 videos very fast without a delay while many others use the old S802. Another smart feature is its latest wifi module. This supports the dual band wifi signal to 750Mbps. That is the fast network speed that allows this streaming media player to perform better than many others. The next feature to notice is the EMMC flash. This is a quality to fasten the speed up to 5 times better as well as achieve more stability for its performance. These are some of its main features, and they are where that makes this streaming media player more superior. That is why it is a choice to recommend in our list. As well, it has been proven great through users’ experience by their feedback and reviews over the item.

3.Monba MXV Android TV BOX Kodi blu ray player Kodi Player Streaming Media Player

3The third best streaming media player is this Monba MXV android TV box. This is a brilliant TV box or streaming media player. It could be used to play so many types of videos either it is on youtube, netflix, cloud tv and more. The item is just amazing for the video service. At the same time, this TV box will come with plenty of videos which you can go straight to enjoy. It additionally supports the 3D videos, Blu-ray 4k format, and the movie. For sure, plenty of expense is reduced by having this streaming media player instead of the month subscription you might have just for the entertainment. In addition to the video contents, the games are also there. With its high performance such as 3D GPU processor, it is going to deliver fine quality graphic the games will need, and then you can have your favorite games on the big screen like you want to. With its easy connection and simple operation, it makes the item even more favorable.

4.Fire TV

4The fourth best streaming media player that will serve you very well is the Fire TV. This item supports well the 4K HD picture quality. That means you can watch the best movies at 1080p quality you like just with this Fire TV. Also, you will find its great service with the netflix, youtube, Hulu, and more. This Fire TV is surely very entertaining for everyone who do not like the idea of monthly subscription. Simply, with one of these, you are going to access to over 4000 channels, games, and apps. In short, there is more than plenty of the entertainment video you could access by this Fire TV. For gaming purpose, this streaming media player has a powerful processing performance to offer, and it could deal with any graphic demand the games need. Also, it supports wifi while it has 2G memory and 8G of storage space. If you need more, you can extend it to 200GB.


5.NETGEAR NeoTV Streaming Player

5The fifth best streaming media player is this NETGEAR NeoTV Player. The design is smart, and it performs great to enrich your entertainment contents at home. As soon as you plug this into your TV, it will turn your TV to be a sea of movies. Thousand of movies are made accessible through the streaming player. As well, there is a wifi function built into the design for extra value of the item. In addition, there is also the NeoTV remote control app which is available in both the iOS and android device. This is going to make things a lot more entertaining for your free time. Thus, we highly recommend you check this design carefully if you are to look for the best streaming media player or TV box. At the same time, if we compare the price of this that of the similar streaming media players available, you can tell this one is so affordable.

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