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Best Workout and Exercise Watches: Top 5 in 2017

As you have been here, you might like the idea of having an exercise watch to help monitor your fitness. Indeed, that is what this review is all about. We have seen more and more searches are looking for the best workout or exercise watches, and it seems that many find it difficult to select the best exercise watches quick and easy. Simply, that is because there are so many designs available while some are so new to the item. As so, our team believes we can help a lot bringing you some best designs to consider. We thus have compiled about 30 highly recommended exercise watches we have found online to review and compare. As through the process, we have seen these 5 best exercise watches that are most interesting. As a result, they have been brought down here to suggest for your consideration. You could check the important features of each one in its individual brief review.

1.Garmin vĂ­vofit Fitness Band

1The first best exercise watch to recommend is the Garmin Vivofit fitness band. This watch is well constructed to help you a lot for your fitness plan. For one, it has a move bar. This comes with the light indicator to tell if you are inactive in every 15 minutes or 1 hour. It will keep informing you to workout in different ways to reach the bar. Another reason many like this fitness band is because it has a sleek design and is wearable for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week no matter where are you as it is also water resistant. Meanwhile, many feel very comfortable wearing this fitness band. The watch, by common design, runs by the battery. However, what that is important is this fitness bar has a long life battery. For the included battery, it could stay more than a year to operate. Additionally, the band will set the goal you want and display the information to you nicely. It counts calories and it records calories for you. Lastly, it can also be used as the sleep tracker to monitor your rest quality.


2.Heart Rate Monitor Watch

2The second best exercise watch to see is the Heart Rate Monitor Watch. This is actually a smartwatch to tell you certain information related to your health and fitness. First of all, the watch could calculate your heart rate as well as your calories burned. This helps you monitor your health very well. Also, it comes with the variety of modes to serve such as time mode, chronograph mode, exercise mode, and more. It is really helpful and useful if you need a band that monitors your health. This watch works by a battery, and it lasts long before you need a replacement. Another thing that people like about this watch is its very nice design and durable construction. It looks beautiful in pink and brown as you could see in the picture, and its material is high quality rubber to stay long for your use. Also, its price is so affordable.

3.Smart Band: Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker Watch Step Walking Sleep Counter

3This another very nice exercise watch is the Smart Band. The watch has so many features and functions to help you monitor your exercise very well. For one, it could be used as an activity tracker to tell the heart rate, number of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and more. Monitoring these activities are important to monitor the whole thing for a day. This could be a great health advisor for you. In another function, it works as a sleep tracker. It tell you the quality rest you have, the sleep patterns you are experiencing, and it could wake you up with the silent alarm added. For the design, the exercise watch is very convenient and comfortable to wear while its awesome stylish look becomes so attractive. Also, it adds in a Bluetooth feature that allows it to be connected to any smartphone for the statistics you might need. Simply, it works fine with both iOS and android smartphone. In short, this is a really good friend to have for a healthier lifestyle.

4.HDE Fitness Sport Pulse Sensor Watch with Heart Rate Monitor and Calorie Counter

4Another high performing exercise watch you might want to check out is the HDE fitness Sport Watch. Made about 50% from acrylic material, this is a helpful and useful exercise watch to have if to need. For one, it features the Chronograph or the stopwatch to let you record your exercise time well. In addition, it has the pulse sensor built in, and this offers accurate heart rate monitoring. And just as other fitness band will do, the watch can also count the calories burned from your activities. Thus, you could understand and balance your daily life better to have a healthier goal. Another good feature about this watch is it has extra functions to display time and calendar along with the alarm function. The watch could help for many things, in short. For the strap, it is made adjustable. There is no worries. Everyone will find it comfortable to wear.

5.GearBest I5 Plus Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Waterproof Watch Sleep Monitoring Sports Tracking Remote Camera

best exercise watchesThis is the last best exercise watch you will see. This GearBest I5 Plus watch could be used in a lot of ways while its stylish design is extremely attractive to many. For one feature, this smart fitness watch has a nice screen for easy read over the information displayed. It is OLED touch type, and it could show up to 32 characters in large letters. For one of the functionalities, it could be a good sports tracking. It tracks your activities and shows up in many necessary data such as steps you have taken, calories you have burnt, distance, speed, time and a lot more. Also, it works as a sleep tracker. That means it could monitor your rest time and quality. Even smarter, it adjusts its mode automatically from the sleep mode to activity mode, for example. Another very nice feature is it could remote control of your smartphone. The operation is quite easy and effective. Last to mention, it could remind you of the message and call you have got in your phone.

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