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Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

You might be looking for the best water filter pitcher as you come here. Of course, according to our reviews over many best of them, we have 5 best water filter pitcher reviews to recommend. They are well made with nice design, and they are among the popular and most bought water filter pitchers on internet. For sure, many people are so happy with the pitchers. As so, we are confident that these reviews will help you find your favorite one quick and easy. However, the below 5 best filter pitchers have different designs as well as other features to check out. You could go through the short reviews of them below to see all those, and you would be able to decide easily if which one you would like to have. For pricing, they are at the average cost of a common water filter pitcher. You will have no problem with the prices of these. While the quality is assured, it is only a matter of which you like the most.

1.Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher with 1 Filter

1The first best water pitcher to suggest is this Brita design. This brita water pitcher is large at 10 cup capacity. It could hold enough water for your need throughout the day. Actually, the water pitcher has an additional filter to serve. The sticker filter attached will let you know when you need it replaced. Generally, it needs a change for every 40 gallons of water. To many, that is two month time. For another good feature, the water filter pitcher could eliminate the odor and chlorine taste, making it more fresher for your taste. At the same time, it can also remove mercury, copper and cadmium which are not so healthy. In terms of design, it is very individual favorite. However, the majority of the people like this water filter pitcher appearance. In conclusion, with all these features and the good customer feedback, it is doubtlessly one of the best for you.

2.MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

2The next best water filter pitcher is this MAVEA pitcher. For the capacity, it is 9 cups which is a little less than the first pitcher recommended above. Actually, when it comes to this MAVEA pitcher, impressive design is the impression to tell. It is very well made with beautiful shape and look. As well, many find it extremely convenient to use. Even better, if you need a different color or size, plenty of choices are out there you can select. Another feature is it has the MAVEA Maxtra filtration. This is a smart feature to make sure your water is fresh and pure before dropping into your glasses. The pitcher in addition is BPA free. There is no harmful sustain containing in its material, making it just very safe for use. These are the highlight of its main features you should know, and by these, many are delighted with the water pitcher till it becomes one of the popular choices.

3.ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher

3This third choice is the ZeroWater pitcher. Coming at 10 cup capacity, this ZeroWater is among the few filter pitchers which have the capability to eliminate Lead and Chromium in the water. This nice feature of the ZeroWater happens through the 5-stage process of the filter. It basically removes up to 99 percent of the substance in tap water. In addition, the pitcher design includes the electronic TDS water testing meter. Through this, you could see the TDS level in the water you have. These are really good features in a pitcher to need. Another convenient feature to add in is the spigot integration. It lets users dispense and need not to lift the pitcher. Regarding the design, the pitcher of this choice is beautiful and space saving. It fits your fridge just well. You can find such best water filter pitcher, and you will feel more satisfied with the service.

4.Brita Slim Water Pitcher with 1 Filter

4This is another Brita water pitcher. However, this one is a smaller version to the above one. It has a slimmer design with only 5 cup capacity. If you are looking for such a small but best quality water pitcher, you really should check this out carefully. Similarly, this Brita small design has a smart filter to make sure most of the chlorine taste and other odors are removed, leaving you only great fresh taste. At the same time, it could reduce substances such as copper, mercury, and cadmium which are not safe things to have in our drinking water. However, the filter needs to be replaced every two months or 40 gallons of water. Or, simply, you can have a look at the sticky filter indicator. It will notify you well on that. This is to ensure the maximum filtering performance. You will be extremely delighted with this pitcher after getting and using it for a while.

5.The Alkaline Water Pitcher

5The last best water pitcher is this beautiful item. Differently from the rest, this feature the filtered alkaline water. That happens by the 7 stage process of its filtration. In those, there are stages to remove chlorine, odors, and more, leaving you only a healthier drinking water. The alkaline water from this is sure to help enrich the energy levels as well as immune system while helping to improve your hydration. Also, as you could see the look of this pitcher in the picture about, it is extremely unique and lovely. Choosing such a choice for the solution of your drinking water is indeed environmentally and economical. That is a smarter choice, and that is why more and more people decide to go for this instead. However, if you just need a filter water pitcher without alkaline function, you can check the rest four. They are not. However, that is where it differentiate this last option than many others.

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