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Best Vinyl Cutter Machine Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

This is the best vinyl cutter machine review. Five of the best items have been carefully selected to present with the brief descriptions as you could see in the following list. These items are of a high quality, and it has been proven to serve the purpose very well. They have enough great features and functionalities to perform, and it does the work extremely well. The majority of the buyers of these vinyl cutter machines seem to be so satisfied with the designs. They have come back and rated the items very positive. This is another evidence to build our confidence that they are the ones worth recommending. However, there are quite the differences between each one. The best way to see which is the most suitable for your need is to check and scan through all of them quickly. It might take a few minutes to do so, and you are likely to find your favorite one after that.

1.Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE

1The first best vinyl cutter is this USCutter MH Buddle. Coming in 34 inches, the vinyl cutter machine has pinch rollers which are made adjustable. The two rollers are very good to allow for the different ranges. It makes a good flexibility for the machine. In addition, the bundle has good quality parts such as vinyl rolls, magnetic blanks, squeegee, transfer tapes and more. In case any of them has the problem, you could contact the seller for support at any time. Another good thing is it uses the Roland blade holder which will works with many very economical blades out there. That saves a lot of expense when you need to replace the blades. Also, this design feature the better quality dual roller media system. The last thing it comes along is the Design and Cut software. These features and functions make this one of the best.

2.USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter

2The second best vinyl cutter machine is the USCutter Plotter. It has 28 inch for the cutting blade, and it features the dual position carriage. Similarly to the first suggested vinyl cutter machine, it has two pinch rollers that are made easily adjustable. This is for the sake of working well with flexible ranges of materials. Another good quality is it has the ball bearing dual roller system. The design is to make placing the material easier without consuming so much time as the traditional design is. For the blade holder of the design, it is Roland holder, and this works well with various blade designs out there. It saves your time and money to find the compatible blades, and you will find some easily. The design and cut software attached is another good thing about the product. It comes with the perfect performance and convenience to serve, in short.

3.Silhouette Portrait

3The next best vinyl cutter machine is this Silhouette portrait. This cutting machine could work with various materials such as fabric, cardstock, paper, magnet paper and more. This Silhouette portrait is really helpful for the vinyl cutting tasks. At the same time, the item has the attached software to make it work good with both Mac and PC. There is also the download card which worth 10 dollars. Regarding the digital design, it is 50 unique ones available for the selection. Regarding the overall performance of the machine, when comparing to many others, this is really the brilliant one. You should be able to rely on this item for your task. And, even very good, it is available at a considerable price. These altogether have made it a favorable choice.


4.Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine

4The second last cutting machine you might want to see is the Brother ScanNcut. This product is best for cutting tasks for any project either at home or office. Also, the machine has the built-in scanner at 300 dpi. It can anything such as the family photo and handmade drawing. Even better than many others, the Brother cutting machine does not need the PC or other devices to work out well. It performs the task by itself. In that, it has more than 600 designs to select from. The variety of designs is very helpful and useful for the need. Regarding the display, it has the LCD touch screen for the editing control such as resizing and rotating. This machine is actually able to handle large projects well since its scanning and cutting area is up to 11.7 inches. Without doubt, this is really a good choice to consider, and you will love it.

5.Xyron 624632 Creative Station, 9″ with 5″ Option

5The last best vinyl cutter machine is the Xyron Creative Station. This cutting machine has a very smart and space saving design. It needs only a small space on your desk to serve your cutting very well. Its 9 inch size allows it to work extremely well for various project. The design of this item instead is nice and compact with the foldable crank handle. It allows for great flexibility with so less waste as it has two cartridge sizes. Actually, this is a multi purpose machine. It could be a laminator, magnet maker, and a sticker maker. You will find this machine very effective and useful at home or office. This is indeed one of the best designs you could consider, and as mentioned earlier, it has so many features and functions to make sure it completes your work extremely well. You can rely on the machine, and it charges you cheap to have one.

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