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Best Thermal Label Printer Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

You have arrived in the review, and it is clear enough that you are searching for the best thermal label printer to use. This will give you 5 designs to consider. Indeed, we have initially collected about 45 best items of different designs to check out. They are all the very popular thermal label printers available on the net. Actually, they are all too many to recommend. We then further evaluated them against one another, and through all the process, we have those 5 best thermal label printer designs to recommend. We are confident that they are among the best ones you can rely on for your need. Nonetheless, among all these 5 best thermal label printers come with different features and functionalities. You might check out all of these, and you will be able to compare to see if which one among them is the right one for your selection. You can enjoy the review, and you will be extremely happy after the selection.

1.DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

1The first best thermal label printer to review is this DYMO LabelWriter. The design could print the labels at a size of up to 4.16 inch wide. Either it is a shipping labels, barcode labels, or warehouse labels, it will do the work great. Also, with its label custom designs, you can select a different style to print. All the available designs and layouts are 60. Another superior performance you could find in this thermal label printer is its fast printing. If it is the standard 4 line address labels, it takes 1 minutes to print 53 pieces. If it is the high capacity 4 line address labels, its performance is up to 129 pieces per minutes. In case you need one of these to print the barcodes, it can do a clear printing for you at 300 dpi resolution. This is a high capacity and performance to satisfy your need for the thermal printing. Lastly, it does not use the expensive ink like some others. That saves some expenses.

2.DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer

2This another best thermal label printer is the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo. This label printer can work up to 71 address, file folder, name badges, shipping, and more per minute. This is a super speed performance with reliable quality. The item has indeed a high quality standard to do its work, and even more, it attaches DYMO stamps software, and that makes able to print the postage which is approved by the USPS. This is extra feature and function some thermal label printers can not do. Also very good, this thermal printer does not need the ink or toner to do the work. You can either connect this to your window operated laptop or Mac OS, and it will work just fine. Its compatibility is good and work well with a wide range of operating system and software such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

3.Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer

3The third best label printer is this Brother SL-700. This printer is super good, and it has a high speed to perform. It could do about 93 pieces per minute. This design is particularly for only label printer, and the design is perfect for office use. If that is the product you are checking for, it is likely to be your reliable one. Either it is a label for banners, file folders, or envelopes, this label printer is going to serve well. Also, taking about the use and control, the professional label printer does not need any software to operate. It comes with everything you need to print your label conveniently. Other than this, once the label is printed, it is done in a clear and clean finish. The thermal label printer does not need any ink or toner to work out.

4.Brother QL-720NW Professional, High-speed Label Printer

4The fourth best label printer that worth the recommendation is the Brother QL-720NW. This professional design allows for good flexibility for the connectivity. The network is both for wireless and ethernet interfaces. At the same time, if you need various label templates, you could download your favorite one. If not, you can also scan your designed one and put it to work. For the performance of this best thermal label printer, it is highly reliable while it is super fast for the printing. Within a minute, it could print up to 93 labels with clear and clean cut. The last label production is extremely well made. Even better, you will see the printing at a high resolution. This is good for text and number you what to have on the label. Either it is a barcode or graphic, the label will work well. The cutting actually happens automatically.

5.Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer

5The last best thermal label printer is the Brother QL-570. This item is similar to the earlier label printer but it is a different design which has different features and capacity to serve. For one reason, the Brother label printer has a good resolution to print on the labels. This is great for the application in business or at home. For the printing speed, it could do about 68 labels a minute. That is the performance many labels could do. Other than this, it has the P-touch label creation software to come along. And, the program allows for the label customization. This is of a great help when you want to change the layout of the label or you might need different layouts for different labels for different purposes. Also as to ensure your confidence on this purchase, it has 24 month warranty to apply. You will be happy with the choice.

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