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Best Solar Security Light Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

In case you are looking for the best solar security light, you have what you want after reading this review. There is quite a lot of searches each day looking for the best solar security light. We are here to provide the quick search solution, which 5 best solar security light reviews are presented. Our team have searched, studied and reviewed the best solar security light products available online. Of course, plenty of them are available. However, they have different design quality as well and performances. Thus, the best way is to check out the features it has to offer and check out the customer feedback over each of them. Through all these tasks, we are sure these following top 5 best solar security light products are the favorable ones to recommend. As a result, they are brought up down here along with brief descriptions about each. You can scan through the list and might have some ideas which is the best you need.

1.Hetekell 28 Led Super Bright Solar Motion Sensor Light

1One of the very best solar security light is the Hetekell. This is a bright motion sensor light with great quality to serve. For one reason, this Hetekell is very bright. The design has 28 LEDs and it creates up to 560 lumens. These allow enough brightness at night around the area. In addition, the performance of the light is so well achieved. Its 1.8 watt solar panel will take around 8 hours under the sunlight to charge itself by the 2000mAh battery, and with this, it serves well for the night time. Other than this, the product has a included intelligent lighting modes. It can go in either Dark, DIM, or bright. When there is no one around, it will go to Dark or Dim for energy saving. Once there is, it will go into bright mode. All these work automatically by its motion sensor. Lastly, the solar security light is extremely durable. It is made perfect to resist heat and weather.

2.Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light

2The second best solar security light is this Sunforce Motion light. The security light is made from ABS plastic as well as aluminum. This is for a strong durability and performance of the light. This light operates by its solar panel at 1 watt and 6 volt. It has added mount and could be hung anywhere you want. For the brightness, there is not a question. Its lumen output is 850, and it is extremely bright at night to serve well. For the working time, it last up to 30 minutes and 72 times. If you need some manual instruction to set up the light, it is there in the package to help. Talking about the design, of course, this has a nice appearance. More importantly, it is the overall quality, brightness, and durability of the motion light that makes many users happy about this choice. Moreover, it has a reasonable price to offer.

3.Solar Light,URPOWER 8 LED Outdoor Solar Powerd,Wireless Waterproof Security Motion Sensor Light

3The third best solar light is this item from URPOWER. Comparing to many others, this solar light is very nice and high in performance. It could be installed easily within seconds, and it needs none of the wires. It works completely on solar energy. This is great for outdoor use while the solar panel could eat up the solar power during the day time. Within a single charge, it could light up to 12 hours continuously. Also, as you may know, it is integrated with the motion sensor. It will automatically switch on only when there is someone coming close to the area. For brightness, it is superiorly bright which could cover up to 10 feet. The light, at the same time, is made waterproof and heatproof. This brings its durability to the max. It is a really good solar security light that resists all weather conditions. Lastly, it has 5 year lifespand for the LED. This is great for use.

4.Litom Super Bright 8 LED Solar Powered Wireless Security Motion Sensor Light

4The fourth best solar security light is this Litom Super Bright. This light comes with 8 LED integrated with the solar panel. Working quite efficient, the solar panel of this light has a high quality and charge its battery quick to serve. Related to the light, it performs very well with three modes to offer. Once there is someone close to the area, it will set itself to bright mode. If not, it could set to DARK or DIM for energy saving. That is the function of its motion sensor. At the same time, in its bright mode, the brightness is so strong and it makes the area very lighting within a range of up to 26 feet by its 8 big LED. Also, the solar security light is perfectly waterproof and weatherproof. These make its durability premium. At such a low price and brilliant quality to serve the bright light to your area, this Litom item worth the recommendation. That is why we decide to pick it up to briefly describe and suggest you.

5.Solar Lights, Outdoor/Garden Waterproof Solar Motion Light

5The last best light operated by solar power is this waterproof solar motion light. Just like the rest in the list, this design is extremely good for quality, durability and the brightness. Made to be easily installed on different surfaces, the motion light needs no tool or wire to work. Also, at its 80 lumens, it has good brightness to serve. Regarding its battery life, it is very durable and has a long lifespan. It is going to be very favorable if you need a lighting solution which costs less, is very convenient and very bright. For its overall durability, the light is so good. It is made from military grade materials that make the light very resistant to all weather conditions. Within the range of 5 metres, this light is going to serve the best while it turns on only its sensor detects people nearby.

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