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Best Smartphone Projector Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

Another lovely smartphone accessory is the smartphone projector. Of course, for these days, smartphone has become the man’s best friend. We live with the smartphone and we use and entertain ourselves a lot with our smartphone. Especially for those who often enjoy watching the videos from smartphone, you know you would need the best smartphone projector to help. Simply, it will help enlarge the screen by projecting it to the wall. By this, people can enjoy their movie just like they go to the cinema or play it with the LCD project while the smartphone projector is cheaper, smaller and more portable. The list below will feature the 5 best smartphone projector reviews which are selected from among 25 smartphone projectors we have found online. These are really the best ones you could rely.

1.ELEGIANT 8x Zoom Portable DIY Cardboard Cinema Smartphone Mobile Phone Projector

1The one best smartphone projector you will see in this list is the ELEGIANT projector. This is a beautiful design with silicone grip pad that holds the smartphone. It works well for smartphone at a size of 14.5 x 8 cm or less. This smartphone project is designed to offer a larger screen from the phone and let you enjoy your videos or movies quite easily. Especially in parties or any other gatherings, this smartphone projector will serve the best. Its size is generally 8 times larger than the phone screen. If small screen is your issue, this is going to be the real solution, and once you get it, you are ready to go. There is no a need for extra tool or power source to supply. However, there is a notice. If you are going to make the best use of it, you can turn screen brightness to 100%, and it will perform the best in the dark room for your movies.

2.Luckies of London Ltd USLUKPRO Smartphone Projector

2The second best smartphone project is the Luckies of London item. Among many available best smartphone projectors, this is one of the lovely designs. Its look is quite nice and attractive. However, it works best for iOS and Android devices. The compatibility is great, and you will not find the problem for the connection. For the size, this smartphone projector will fit well to smartphones of a size between 8cm x 14.5cm and 3.2 x 5.7 inches. At the same time, len is included. You will just need some glue, and everything will be done right away to serve your entertainment on the wall. In case you want to have a look at more details about this smartphone projector, you can check the following link. Updated price is also there.

3.Luckies of London Ltd USLUKPRO2 Smartphone Projector 2.0

3The third best smartphone projector is another version from the same Luckies of London brand. This smartphone project is made from cardboard and glass lens. Importantly, it comes with good assembling. There is none more you would need, and it would be ready to enlarge your screen for the movies or other videos you might want to watch from the phone. This smartphone projector, by size, fits well to those of a maximum size at 80 x 160 mm or 3.2 x 5.7 inches. By the size of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, they are going to fit in well to this smartphone projector. Actually, it simply welcomes most smartphones available as the sizes are just around that. Related to pricing, it is just as cheap as you would see through the link below. And, with one of this, you will experience more of the excitement when you are watching your videos.

4.Mengshen Mini Pocket LCD Projector Support HD 1080P Home Cinema

4The fourth best pocket projector for home cinema purpose is the Mengshen smartphone projector. This projector could read the resolution of 480 x 320 while its signal input is 576P/720P along with 60 lumens. This smartphone projector is a great entertaining accessory for kids. In addition, it has multiple input choices for selection such as HDMI, AV, USB, and more. This device could be easily connected to smartphone of both iOS and android operation. Either you are having an iPhone or Samsung smartphone, they are going to work well with this mini pocket projector, and at the same time, you could enjoyably watch your videos on a much bigger screen than your smartphone screen. Even better, there is an additional speaker built into this projector. It will then help your audio to speak louder, making the experience even more like that in the cinema. Lastly, the best projection distance of this item is between 1.2 and 3.6 metres.

5.Uhappy 800 Lumens Mini LED Projector for iPhone iPad Android Smartphone Home Theatre Cinema

5The last best mini projector for use with smartphone and tablet is the Uhappy projector. This item is very bright at 800 lumens, and it is made to work well with smaller devices such as iPhone. The project, on the other hand, has a multi function interface such as AV, USB, HDMI, and more to connect itself to the media devices. Another smart feature in this projector is the manual adjustment of the focus. That is to make sure the video or image projected get the best clarity on the screen. If there is a long projection, you might need extra power, and you can easily charge this with a power bank through the Micro USB interface. Lastly, the projector is quite small and portable. Users can easily bring the item anywhere they need to. For pricing, it is just very reasonable. You could have one of these without thinking twice.

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