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Best Service Cart Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

This is the best service carts to recommend. As you have arrived here, you are very likely looking for one of the best service carts, and we have 5 to recommend in this of our review. Actually, we have initially picked up about 30 best service cart designs available on internet, and we have reviewed to compare the pros and cons of each. From the complete process, we have realized that the listed 5 best service cart items below are among the best to recommend. And we are confident that they will serve your need very well. Many of the previous users of the items have marked as highly recommended, and they have expressed their great satisfaction over its comfort, durability and convenience for their use. Even better, they are not expensive to get some. However, you will still have to pick up one from the five. You can enjoy scanning through all of them below.

1.Luxor STC111 40.5″ Automotive Utility Cart with 3 Shelves

1The one best service card we are going to review is the Luxor STC111. Coming at 24 x 18 shelf dimension, this utility card has a smart overall design to serve you with great convenience. For one feature, it has the retaining lip on sides to take care of your items well from dropping accidentally. Also, it features 3 shelves. That leaves plenty of space for your items. As a part of the smooth move, this utility card design adds the four casters coming with brake to serve the movement task. In that there is a handle molded at a side of the top shelf. This is to allow for easy push forward or drag back. This utility card is made in USA, and it has a high quality standard to ensure a lasting use for users. Thus, you should have no worries about that. As long as you love the design and have no problem with the price, you could go ahead with this.

2.WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity Service Cart

2The second service cart for your check is the WEN Service Cart. This is made so good at a capacity of 500 pounds. The service card is made from high quality materials such as polypropylene, and it is rust resistant. You will never see it dent or chip too while it needs just a simple and easy surface cleaning if for a good maintenance. For the rolling convenience, it feature the 5 inch casters to offer smooth mobility around the area you need. For the shelves, there are two added, and each one is 30 inch x 16 inch x 3 inch which could hold a total capacity of 500 pound. In addition, there is a push handle for convenience movement, and there are some additional cup holders over its side. If you are going to need the best service card or utility card, this is among the very good ones to consider seriously.

3.Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart

3The third best service card to recommend is the Olympia Tools. This collapsible design is a great service card you could have a look. It is made from high quality materials to perform good loading. At the same time, it is made easy foldable to just 8 inch wide for easy storage. And, there is not a worry when you want it standing back. There is a secure lock to make sure that it is standing strong and stable for your push. For the shelves, as you could see in the designs, three levels are added, and that means plenty of items could be held by this service card. Talking about the design, this service card is so nice and looks so premium with handles at both sides. Users can then push or drag the card conveniently. The product, in addition, has got a good review from the customers. It is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 among over 200 reviews.

4.Giant Move AK-H252A Plastic Utility Cart

4The second last best service card to suggest in the list is the Giant Move. This is a plastic card but very strong construction for durable use. Of course, its performance aims for the industrial use. It owns such a high quality that we are confident to recommend it. For one feature, it comes with a comfortable grip handle. This allows great move for users. For shelves, 2 layers are added into the design along with the reinforced legs. For the smooth movement and rolling, 2 casters are to help while 2 of them are swivel and the other 2 are rigid. These four casters ensure smooth and comfortable roll over different surfaces. For the capacity loading, the service card could hold up to 500 pound without a problem. Its durability is superior, indeed. If you are needing such a utility card or service card to help, you are highly recommended to check out this design.

5.Edsal SC2024 Industrial Gray Commercial Service Cart

5The last best service cart you are going to see here is the Edsal SC2024 design. Coming with the 5 inch casters, the card could be rolled smoothly and conveniently. Actually, these casters are made from heavy duty polypropylene, and it is built to last. For easy portability, the 4 casters include the 2 stationary and 2 swivel casters. This allows it to work well on different surfaces. For easy pushing, the steel tubular handle is integrated into the design as you could see it in the picture. Basically, the service cart is available at the dimension of 24 inch x 32 inch x 36 inch. The measurement is not too big or too small. It is the standard size users find it best. Related to the design, it is simply what you can see in the picture above. However, many people seem to like the way it looks so much. Importantly, many previous buyers have found it great to use. Their experience should not lie to you. It is very good, indeed.

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