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Best Portable Projectors for Sale: Top 5 in 2017

For some reasons, you might be looking for the best portable projectors for sale for your office use. We have some best items to recommend you in the list. In fact, we have initially selected about 50 best projectors to compare and review. We we have to be detail oriented before we decide which one that deserve the recommendation. After studying about all these choices, we started to eliminated one after another, and among the 50 best portable projectors for sale, we have only 5 to suggest. These 5 are super good for the quality and performance. Actually, this is confirmed by the majority of the users. They have good usage experience with the products, and they came back to make good reviews for them. At the same time, they are all constructed at a trendy design. They simply look very attractive to everyone.

1.Portable WiFi Projector, BlitzWolf 1200 Lumens LED Wireless Home Theater

1This first best portable projector to review is the Wireless home theater design. Made very portable, this projector has a small size and is easily away with. One of the very nice features of this projector is the fact that it is made to work well with smartphones. You can just pair the two devices, and you are going great to see your videos or movies in a big, wide screen. Users can also adjust the distance to the wall and have different quality view like they need. As for quality reason, this portable projector has the durable lamp which works up to 20,000hrs. This is a long lifespan to ensure the longevity service it provides. Also, it features the 5 formats input, making it very nice. It supports SD, USB, VGA, AV, and HDMI input. The videos might be played in a PC or a smartphone, and the projector will enlarge the screen to provide the theater experience for you. Lastly, what that is very attractive is the appearance of this projector. It simply is designed unique and stylish.

2.Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3000 Lumens Color Brightness

2The second very good quality portable projector is this Epson VS240. This projector has a lot of features to check out. For one, it features the 3 chip technology which could get the color brightness to be superior than many others. And, it comes with two options available to select. One is the 300 lumens color brightness, and the others is vivid color 3000 lumens white brightness.This is to suite different environment you might have to use the projector. Regarding the resolution, this is SVGA 800 x 600. This is ideal for presentation and basic graphic illustration. The setup is, in addition, easy while the control is extremely convenient to do. The project, on the other hand, has a good compatibility with media players, laptop, PC, and other devices. For the input, it works well via HDMI with just the cable.

3.AmazPlay Mobile Pico Projector Portable Mini Pocket Size Multimedia Video LED Gaming Projectors

3The third very good projector is this AmzPlay Mobile Pico design. The item comes with multiple functions, and it has a superior design. It is smart, light, compact and very portable while its capacity is functioning well and powerfully. The size of this projector is actually small as it is designed to be a mini pocket projector. However, the performance is surely reliable. The projector is not only working well with PC or laptop, its connection is great with smartphones or tablets. That makes things a lot easier when you want to play your movies or videos from our iPhone. It additionally features the wifi connection which you could connect to and enjoy a lot of activities. DLP technology is also a remarkable feature of this projector. It allows for better brightness along with richer colors. The native solution, on the other hand, is 845 x 480. It also supports the full HD quality.

4.PowerLead Gypo GM60 HDMI Portable Mini LED Projector

4The second last best projector is the PowerLead Gypo. this is another one of the best mini projector, made at a high quality standard to serve. For its color technology, it delivers up to 167000 K with the native resolution of 800 x 480 pixel. For the contract, there is a manual correction you can adjust like you want to. Also, users might want to adjust the vibration feedback, and that is for a longer battery life. Likewise, as its design is light and portable, one could carry it somewhere conveniently for the use. When you want a bigger screen for your entertainment such as watching movies from your smartphones or laptop, this projector is going to be a smart choice. As to ensure more of the existing quality of this projector, it has 12 month warranty and the 30 day money back.

5.Meyoung 1080P Projector Movie Projector HD Video Projector

5The fifth best projector you will see is this Meyoung product. It supports 1080P quality, and it is going to work well for your HD movies. You will be excitingly entertained by the quality illustration the projector can offer. Even better, the projector is made not only to work with PC, but also the available smartphone and tablets. Either you have an Ipad or Iphone, you can connect and play your videos well from those smart devices. For the projection size, the screen could be up to 150 inches. That is a brilliant experience to watch your movie. In addition, the portable projector has a built-in TV tuner. On the other hand, if you are a gamer and need the big screen, here you go. The projector can help you very well. It supports PS2, PS3, as well as the XBOX by just using the hDMI cord. To make it even simply useful, if you have a video in flash drive or SD card, you can also plug in and play with this projector.

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