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Best Magnetic Whiteboard Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

This is some of the best magnetic whiteboard you might be looking for. If you are interested to find some for your office use, we highly recommend you to check out our selected and best magnetic whiteboard reviews below. We have done the search over this type of item online, and as from our evaluation, we have eliminated the not so good ones, and we finally have only 5 best magnetic whiteboard designs to recommend, and we are confident that they are among the best ones. You could read and learn about the features and sizes of each one through our quick description below. You might take a few minutes scanning through all of them, and you will know which suites your need better. They, meanwhile, are available at a reasonable cost. If you love everything about these best magnetic whiteboards, price should not be the problem.

1.VIZ-PRO Double-Sided Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard

1The first best magnetic whiteboard you will see here is the VIZ-PRO double-sided design. As the name says, this whiteboard is made from magnets, and you can simply stick certain things on this whiteboard besides using it with markers. Also, it is made great for both sides, front and back with magnets. For the size, it is 60 inch x 36 inch. The measurement is important because it will decide if it fits your available space and need. Thus, you might need to be careful with it. In addition, as the whiteboard is made for good for both sides, it is rotatable 360 degree and once you decide which side, you can lock it to serve you the best. Regarding the frame and stand, it is aluminum as the main material. In that, a pen tray is integrated to provide extra service. You then will find your markers quickly on the tray. The stand is as well made very sturdy, and if you need to move it around, the 4 castors will allow it to work out comfortably and smoothly. The whiteboard, if ordered, will come in pieces but it will not be difficult to assemble.

2.Board Dudes 11″ x 14″ Metalix Magnetic Dry Erase Board

2The next best magnetic whiteboard is this Board Dudes. It has a size of 11 x 14 inch, and it is made perfect for use in office. The whiteboard surface is not only magnetic, but also a smooth and erasable surface you could enjoy using with the markers like you need. Yes, besides the whiteboard, the dry eraser marker as well as the 2 metallic magnets. They will be of a good help for the use. These accessories are common, and you will need them anyway. This board is very good for both drawing and writing. For installation, it could be mounted to the wall, and the hardware is included. You are suggested to go ahead such with such a high quality whiteboard to save paper. If the size is the one you are looking for, you have no worries about the price of this whiteboard. You will find it reasonable and cheap.

3.VIZ-PRO Dolphin Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard/Flipchart Easel

3Next best magnetic whiteboard that will do too is this VIZ-Pro. Yes, this whiteboard has a magnetic surface, and it can be used as a board and a flipchart easel. This design is for mutual purposes. That makes it good for the office need. For the height, to make it comfortable in different situations, it is made adjustable between 62.99 and 74.8 inches. In addition, this design will also include the pad clamp as well as the pen tray. Either you want to hang the paper or place the markers close to your need, you can do so conveniently with this magnetic whiteboard design. In a case you have extra pages to be shown out, you can also extend the arms at the top. Indeed, this design is so helpful and considerate. It is about to solve many of your problems during the presentation or meeting. That simply makes it worth recommending in this review.

4.Board Dudes Metalix Magnetic Dry Erase Board

4This fourth best magnetic whiteboard is the dry erase board you could find online. Indeed, its surface is made mainly from smooth magnet, and it is very easy for writing and creating the charts. As it is made with magnet, it could also be used as the bulletin board. This is the point why it needs to be magnetic. And as it is so, it is very useful for the office need, and it is not always about writing. For the frame of the design, it uses the metal material in silver. That makes it overall appearance very nice. The whiteboard in addition will be extremely durable for a lasting use. And, within the package, you will as well find magent and dry erase markers. They are important accessories, and with them in, you are ready to go. However, once it arrives at your place, it would need a bit of the installation. All the hardwares are included, and there should not be any problem.

5.VIZ-PRO Light Magnetic Four Legs Stand Whiteboard/Flipchart Easel

5The fifth best magnetic whiteboard is this VIZ-PRO product. This is designed smart for both the usefulness as the whiteboard and flipchart easel. That is perfect for the office need. At the same time, it comes with the strong aluminum frame and the sturdy stand with 4 legs. It of course ensures the secure stand for your presentation, and if you need to move it around, you can do so easily. For installation of this whiteboard, it is a piece of cake. Another two features to notice are the flip pad holders and the clip on pen tray. Again, this whiteboard can also be used as the flipchart. Its design has a flip pad holders which are conveniently adjustable. As well you will see the attached pen tray with this design to make sure it is easy to find the markers when you need them. From these qualities, it makes so many people satisfied with this best magnetic whiteboard.

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