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Best LED Bike Lights and Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

As an extra item for the bike beauty as well as the safety accessory, there is a need for the LED bike lights on your bike. You might know this even clearer than me that you have come here to look for one. Yes, this is all about the best LED bike lights and the reviews. We, a team of three, have collected many available best LED bike lights. Plenty of them are actually available online. However, we aim to bring the best among the best to recommend you. As a result from our long review and comparison of those we have picked, the 5 best LED bike lights highlighted below below are the outstanding ones we believe deserve all the recommendation. They have high quality, bright light, nice designs and extremely useful. But, there are differences among those you could check and will fit your need differently. Thus, it is important you spend a bit of time scanning through the five.

1.BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight

1The first is this BV bicycle LED headlight. Coming in 5 LED headlights, it has a handlebar mount you can attach to your bike easily. In addition, it works quite well to show up the brightness. Within the range about 40 feet, you can rely on this LED bike to tell you what is ahead of you. In case you want to take it out, its quick release mount will do it for you. Again, this LED bike light is so bright, but you do not need that much, you can adjust. It has three modes to set, either low, medium or high. Regarding the durability, this bike light is so good. It is made from high quality materials, and it is extremely weather resistant. The LED bike light operates by the AAA batteries, and per set, it lasts up to 80 hours. It is a nicely constructed LED bike light you will love, and if you need instruction for the installation, it is there to help you too.

2.Bike Light – Comes With FREE TAIL LIGHT

2The second very good bike light to examine here is the beautiful design. This bike light comes with the trail light, and its appearance is quite attractive. However, what that is even more interesting about this is the fact that it has super bright light to serve. Made with the Divine LED technology, this is a lot more reliable that other bike lights out there. As a solution for light for biking in the dark, this is the real option. Also, it could be easily attached to your bike without a need for any tool. It is really not safe to bike without a light at night. You really should get one. Regarding the material, this military grade items have ensured the bike light is going to last long for your use. It is waterproof, in addition, to go against tough weather. You can surely expect very good service from this bike light, and if that is wrong, you can contact the supplier. They have 100 percent satisfaction guarantee in place to make sure you are happy with the product.

3.Bright Eyes

3The next best LED bike light is this Bright Eyes. Made at 1200 lumen, this is very bright to serve your biking at night safely. The Bright Eyes works by its 6400mAh battery, and by this, if you are going to set it into high brightness, it is going to last about 3 hours. If for medium and low brightness, the battery could serve the light up to 5 hours and 26 hours, respectively. As for a high safety, you really such have such a bright LED light on your bike when you have to do it in the dark. In addition, a taillight is included. Talking about installation, you will find it very easy to attach this LED bike light to different kinds of bikes such as the mountain bikes, road bikes, and more. Lastly, you should notice that this bike light has lifetime warranty but not to the battery. The battery has 12 month warranty. That is already a good assurance for the confidence. You will enjoy and be happy with this bike light, and importantly, you have a safety accessory with you.

4.Bright Eyes Aircraft Aluminium Waterproof 300 Lumen LED Bike Light Set

4This is another Bright Eyes bike light. It is made completely waterproof, and its brightness is shining with its 300 lumen. This is a bike light set, and it is a really accessory for safety when you ride your bike at night. Again, both the front and back light is included in the set. Thus, with this set you get most of what you might need. For its mount, it is nicely made to be easily attachable to any bike types. And, you will find installation is quite easy and sturdy. It can be done in seconds without needing any tool. Another good thing is it has lifetime warranty. The supplier must be so sure that this item is highly reliable. Otherwise, they would not issue such a lifetime warranty. In terms of design, many find this bike light very lovely. It is a fashion indeed besides its durability and super bright light. For pricing, it is reasonable, many say.


5.ULTRA BRIGHT Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

5The last best LED bike light is this Ultra Bright Light. Made very nice for the design, this bike light works by its rechargeable battery. It takes about 2 hours to fully recharge, and it could serve about 6.5 hours if you set it to low light. And, it is 2.15 hours and 1.5 hours respectively if you set it to medium and high light. Talking about brightness, this LED bike light has about 50 micro LED chips, and it works up to 168 lumens for the brightness. This is so good as a super bright bike light. In addition, you will find it a piece of cake to install this to your bike. You can just grip the mount to the handlebar of your bike, and it will stick sturdy there. With this, you are going to be a lot safer when it comes to riding the bike during the night. Many accidents happen on bikes without light. Thus, no matter what, it is really a must to have it while plenty of such high quality as this LED bike light is available at an affordable price. The only important thing is you find your favorite one.

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