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Best Iphone 7 Case Reviews: Top 5 in 2017

Almost every year that iPhone has its own new version to better serve the need of the users. At this moment, iPhone 7 has just been released for the global market. Just like normal, many people are excited to own the iPhone 7 and enjoy the new features and capabilities it has to offer. At the same time, many would need the beautiful case to take care of their new iPhone 7. In the following list, we have top 5 best iPhone 7 case reviews to recommend. They are among the popular cases, and they have very good quality and beautiful designs to attract. In case, you are one of the many who are looking for the best iPhone 7 cases, you can save a lot of time looking for the case to help. You can just scan through the list below, you will likely see your favorite case. They are at the same time very affordable. Many people have liked these cases, by the way.

1.iPhone 7 Case

1This is the first best iPhone 7 case you are going to see. For sure, this design is made particularly for iPhone 7, and it has the best fit and compatibility while its design is stylish and attractive. In addition, it has a solid construction. Double layer armor is done, and it is covered by the hard shell to prevent scratches from happening. All these have made the case quite durable and protective. After installing your phone into this case, the seen lip would be about 1.4mm. This is good for screen protection. Also, either the back or the corners of the case, it features the tiny nubs for smart protection of the phone. Precise cutout is another to mention. This iPhone 7 case has been designed perfectly when it comes to accessibility for charging or an earphone. This is a very nice iPhone 7 case, in short. So many people have liked and rated it very positive.


2.iPhone 7 Case, LUVVITT

2The second best iPhone 7 case is the item from LUVVITT. This is another smart and attractive design we have found and decided to pick up for the review. This iphone 7 case is made to perfectly fit the size of new iPhone 7. For another nice feature, this iPhone 7 case has a super slim body at only 0.6mm. It is light and soft to touch. However, it is proven to protect the phone well from scratches. For the material, this case is made from Japanese TPU rubber. It offers a lasting life and convenience. Also, there is not a worries when it is about accessing the port or buttons. This case is perfectly fine for it. These are just some of the features made into this iPhone 7 case, and it is already enough to impress users and become one of the popular and best iphone cases on the market. You will like this iPhone 7 case so much after experiencing it.

3.iPhone 7 Case

3The third very stylish iphone 7 case is this design. Made very high for the protective quality, it is shock absorbing with premium shatterproof quality. TPU and Polycarbonate are the materials used for this case, on the other hand. And, that brings reliability for the case to protect the phone well. In addition to its perfect fit, the case has a good gripping feel. Though there is a repetitive taking off and putting back, it will still fit very well. For the back design, this case will raise about 0.2mm, leaving your camera safe from scratches. Also, if it gets dirty, you can easily take it off to clean and putting it back to look like new. With such features and quality, this iPhone 7 case has made itself one of the best. Simply, it is because it serves people very well. In the meantime, its price is reasonably affordable. There is not a second thought about that.


4.iPhone 7 Case, Profer

4The next best iPhone 7 case is the item from Profer. This case is extremely well made for good durability as well as smart protection for the phone. The case has premium TPU and Polycarbonate as the main materials to ensure the lasting impact. Available in the transparent body, the very impressive feature about this iPhone 7 case is its simple but unique design. It offers a style as well as a smart protection. These are the important qualities the case could offer. Furthermore, the case has a ultra slim design to provide a great unique look as well as comfort for users. There is none at all for the dull feeling for users. In short, either for the design, the protection quality, the durability or the comfort, this is a very nice iPhone 7 case you can rely on. If you need further details about this iPhone 7 case, you can check through the following link.

5.iPhone 7 Case, LUVVITT

best Iphone 7 caseThis is another case for iPhone 7 from LUVVITT. It is another design which is extremely sleek and slim for the design. It fits well to the size of iphone 7, and it offers unique and smart protection. The case, of a high quality, is soft with good shock absorbing by its TPU rubber material. As well, a good grip is found on this iphone 7 case. It has a ergonomic shape, and it is very fine for hands as well as phone. A good grip is achieved, in short. Regarding the protection, there are dedicated features such as the reinforced corner. This is great to reduce the impact from drop. In addition, it has a protective lip added above the screen level to prevent scratches from happening. The case, in the meantime, is highly flexible. It can be inserted or taking off easily without a need for hard push. It is generally a very good iphone 7 case to examine.

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