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Best Hydraulic Facial Chair Review and Comparison

Here are three of the best hydraulic facial chair reviews to suggest you for the consideration. These hydraulic facial chairs have been designed smart with good functionality. After reviewing and comparing many of the similar ones, these three seem to be superior. That is why they are here for you. The more you learn about their features and details, the more you will like it. And below are those details you could spend some time scanning through.

1. Hydraulic Facial Bed with One Free Stool

Wow! I have never seen such wonderful salon. All materials displayed and used for salon are advanced and elegant particularly the white color facial bed. My purpose when I went to the salon is to have my nail painted. Surprising, the lady in the salon clean the surface of the bed and then converted the flat massage bed into a salon chair. I could not possibly believe such thing would exist. I do not know what should I call whether it is a table or chair or bed, but it did provide me ultra comfort that I have never experienced in other salon. Afterward, I feel no hesitate to ask the massage lady about the chair and that was when I knew Hydraulic facial bed by Skin Act.

1Key Features:

Designed with white color, this Hydraulic facial bed by Skin Act is best suitable for your elegant salon. Its tiny snow-white color rolling stool also takes part in forming new style for your salon. Skin Act also incorporates adjustable backrest and legrest that is able to turn 90 degree. It is of important to know that rarely has a facial bed that could adjust up and down 90 degree. Its thick foam cushion from the top until legrest offers a great comfort for users. In additionally, it can rotate 360 degree along with stopper paddle. Last but not least, it has towel holder on the back of the chair making it is convenient for users to get towel after they finish their job.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many users really are pleased to write good reviews about this facial chair as it totally meets their expectation. With its heavy duty base, it can support more capacity and they feel safe to rest on it even they are bigger guys. On the other hand, most barber also love its smooth rotation saying it provides favourable condition when they do their job. On the other hand, its white color and little stool make a perfect combination to make their salon luxurious and stunning.

What that isn’t great about this item:

It seems like there is no customer has problem with the facial table. However, few customers have encountered difficulty with its rolling stool. They claim its foam cushion is not comfortable like the bed and the size is not standard.

2. New Massage Table Bed Chair Beauty Barber Chair Facial Tattoo Chair Salon

Just a quick glance you might prejudge that New Massage table bed chair by Best Choice Products is the same simple massage chair. However, once you get closer to see it, you will notice its 3 sections that allow the chair to be folded like the shape in front of you, or to make it flat like a table or bed. You would feel its high-quality just by a slight touch on its surface because you would sense soft comfy foam. Imagine how peaceful and comfortable you are when you lie on the soft massage bed and have a massage by a massage therapist.

Key Features:


New Massage table bed chair by Best Choice Products has incorporated many key functions. First to begin with, we would like to introduce you about the product dimension and physical appearance. The table measures 24 inches width by 71 inches length. The table has up to 500 weight capacity, so you do not have worry when you have bigger client. On the other hand, 4.5 inches thick foam and PU leather make a good combination. Its foam is thicker than other massage table while its PU leather provides an ultimate water resistant and smooth surface that you can clean easily. Inside its package, you may found a salon massage table, hydraulic stool, chrome towel hanger, removable head cushion and armrests.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A large number of customers really love this massage table by Best Choice Products. The little pillow can be removed and you can have a table with face hold. The top can be extended to fit with tall clients. On the other hand, some other customers show their great satisfaction on its rolling stool as it is comfortable and its size and design enhance the beauty of your salon.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, some other customers faced problem with its stool. It is a bit ridiculous that customers have different experience. They said it is not durable and it is uncomfortable when they sit on it. The plastic round feet is asserted by few other customers that it snaps off very easily.

3. Spa Salon Hydraulic Electric Facial Chair Bed Table High End Equipment Monte Carlo

If you plan to start new business or to upgrade your salon, you should check out this Spa Salon electric facial Hydraulic chair. It is a multi-purpose chair that users can used it for either salon or massage parlour. The electric facial hydraulic chair by ALVA has many distinctive features and is always the leading chair in term of design. With these chairs, you can make you salon like a 5 star hotel. Feel free to leave us a message or to directly contact us for more detail information. You may also find key features of this ALVA electric facial hydraulic chair.

hydraulic facial chairKey Features:

Electric facial hydraulic chair by ALVA can be rotated 240 degree. Its full range motor (3 motor) is very flexible that allows you to adjust the position of the chair into table to serve as a massage table. It has a near 90 degree drop footrest that users can adjust it as they will to fit with their preference. Moreover, its foam cushion is thicker than normal foam used on other facial chair. Specifically, it has 4.5 inches extra thick foam that could offer maximum comfort for users. Its base is designed to make it easy for users to work closely with their client. Its base measures 25 inches by 40 inches. Lastly, it has 75 inches height with headrest, and thus allows it easy to serve taller clients.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

The chair reclines perfectly and users did not afraid it may fail down as it is very sturdy. On the other hand, it can adjust in many positions such as leaning or flatting. Many salon owners really love it as they do not have to spend more money on separate materials.

What that isn’t great about this item:

It seems like only few customers have experienced difficulty with this chair. They claimed after they used it for several months, the chair made squawking sound and it is really annoying.

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