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Best Foosball Table for Sale : Review and Comparison

These are the best foosball table for sale you could find online. Among many that are available, we have found out that these are the most popular ones. They have been designed great, and many people who bought them enjoy playing them a lot. The majority of the users have also rated these very positive. Thus, if you are to find one too, you might be extremely interested to check these best foosball table for sale out. They are also affordable to get one home.

1. Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table, Black/Green, 4-Feet

If you are looking for one game that can be played with family during free time, foosball should be the best solution. Among many products sold in the market, Hathaway is the the most recommended because its unique design can be played by both kids and adults. To find out how good the product is, please kindly read the review below before making any decision in buying it.

1Key Features:

This foosball table is designed with 3 goalie configuration equipped with ABS molded men for high durability and strength. It comes with 13 players per team, which is the most standard numbers. The rods are built with chrome-plated steel that is brilliant and long-lasting; furthermore, it is attached with non-slip grip rubber for the effective and efficient. In addition, it features the end-ball return that is very for you to get your ball at the determined place. The legs features in L-shape which will save the room space and stand stably. The legs are 12 inches thick reinforced. Besides, it is added with eye-catching graphics providing the feeling of real football. The surface is built of CARB certified MDF which will allow the balls to move smoothly and fast like gliding on the real grass. It is also equipped with dual manual slide scoring system to help you take note appropriately. The overall dimension is 40.5-inch length, 23-inch width, and 0.75-inch MDF thickness, so the space is large enough for you to play happily. Finally, you will be offered 90-day limited warranty.

Customer satisfaction on this item:

Of course, this product should be given four or five stars. The quality is very amazing and the price is very affordable. The rod is easy to use and the men can be controlled easily. Letting children plays this game will be useful for their motor development and confidence improvement, and most parents think that it is beneficial compared to playing video game. The surface is also very wonderful because though you use this product for long time, it is still smooth for the ball to glide properly.

What that isn’t so great about the item:

Everything is not perfect, either this product. You may find some problems with one or two star review. Few customers complained that the men are easily to be broken, so the users needed to be careful.

2. Mini Table Top Foosball

Another high-quality foosball table that you should be aware of before deciding to buy is Trademark mini table top. This kind of table top can be played like the ordinary one but it just has its own unique advantages. Furthermore, the price is also quite different yet the durability and quality is not far. See the review below, you will explore more about this product.

Key Features:


Because it is mini size, it comes with 4 rows of 3 players each, meaning that each team will own two rows. It is very suitable for kids and new learners. It also features the score keeper for convenient noting. The ball-return system is designed carefully, so the ball will return fast and easily. Furthermore, it will not consume your room space. It is lightweight, so you can play it wherever you want and after playing you can put it in any places easily. Its dimension is 20-inch length, and 12.12-inch width which provides big enough space for heated action. Additionally, two soccer balls are included, so you can just play immediately after buying. Some assembly is required but all tools and hardware are provided, so you can take just few minutes and simple steps forward.

Customer satisfaction on this item:

Most customers commended that they like it because it doesn’t consume their room space much like the big basement. It is lightweight to mobilize so they always take it on the go when there is any picnic or camping. Plus, their kids love it so much. Not so complicated to play for kid and they can just sit and play with their partners comfortably. The durability is also good, because one customer said that he bought it three years already and now no part is broken.

What that it isn’t so great about this item:

It is not the big problems. Some customers complained that there should be any assembly instruction provided to save their times and avoid any accident causing damage. The rods can be bent as well sometimes, so users needed to be careful.

3. Playcraft Sport Foosball Table

Are you boring at weekend and you don’t want to go out? Now, you call your friends or cousins to your house and enjoy playing foosball together. It is not kind of game that allow you to do exercise but it will provide you happiness and brain exercise and most people love it because you can enjoy other activities like drinking and eating while playing. Playcraft Sport Foosball Table is one of the most recommended products that will help you to spend time for your leisure happily. See the review below and you will love it.

3Key Features:

It is constructed with MDF surface to ensure that the ball will glide smoothly. It comes with sturdy chromium steel rods is designed with slide bearing to ensure smooth rotation; furthermore it is also equipped with non-slip rubber grip to allow you to use conveniently. Moreover, it features the internal ball retrieval at each goal side, so the ball can return fast. Plastic scoring built-in is added at each goal for easy noting. Each corner is added with ABS plastic corners for high performance. Plus, it also comes with plated leg levelers for height adjustment. The leg panel is designed with leg spanners on each side to help secure the stability and strength. In addition, it is designed with soccer graphic around the table and on the legs which make your game look like the real football. You will be also offered 3 foosballs. The assembly is required but the installation tools are provided for your convenience.

Customer satisfaction on this item:

Most customers praised that it is built in the perfect size. Their family really enjoyed playing it. Plus, the instruction provided is clear for all you need, and you can just simply put together. The legs are strong, the surface is smooth, and the rods are flexible, so every user can play it very enthusiastically and happily.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Not much problems exist. Ball removal hole at the end of table is very small and it might be used for kids hand only which is very difficult when the ball get stuck. Also, the poles cannot withstand the adult strength, so it is caution from some customers not to be rough while playing.

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