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Best Folding Picnic Tables for Sale: Review and Comparison

These are the best folding picnic tables for sale. They are nicely designed with very good materials while nice looking is also there. If you are looking for some of those best folding picnic tables for sale, you could make a good use of the review below. Many people are happy with these designs, and that might likely be your case too. By the way, there are some differences in these you can check out and consider.

1. Lifetime 22119 Picnic Table and Benches

Do you like to go for picnic with your family or group of your best friends? Having full facilities along with will make your trip more wonderful. Now, picnic table is created, so you can have a great picnic set to sit more comfortable. It is very good if you go picnic and fishing, and then your small kids or women can sit at the table and arrange the food. Lifetime Picnic is a recommended set coming with table and bench. Read the description below, you will find out the reasons that this product is best-selling in the market.

1Key Features:

It is built of premium polyethylene which is strong to endeavor with sunlight, rain and weather changing, which is more durable than wood. Seat and bench are UV-protected and stain-resistant, so there are long-lasting and stay new for long time. Moreover, it can be cleaned easily though it is oil or any sticky materials. With the standard size, it can be sat up to 8 people. In addition, the frame is made of sturdy steel for stability and high support. It is coated with bronze finish for durability and rust resistance. It can be folded flat for easy storage and transport. Being lightweight is the extra bonus of this product for easy mobility. Its price is very affordable if you think about its high quality and other equipment provided. Finally, you will be offered 2-year limited manufacturer warranty to ensure its high quality.

Customer satisfaction over this item:

First point that most customers commended about this product is about its durability. Some customers have used for 3 years but it still usable and stay new without stain. Also, it is easy to use, and to un/fold. With just few seconds, you can take have a strong for your trip but it requires some assembly without any tools needed. Cleaning is easy because oil or any sticky materials can be removed from its surface with ease.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Though this product comes with high percentages of 5 star reviews, it still has some small problems. One customer say that the bench size is little bit small which is difficult for adults to sit.

2. Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella Combo Pack

Another popular table set, Stansport, is the highly recommended product due to its durability, and facilitation. This product is tested carefully about its quality and it is made with good understanding of what we need when going to picnic. With this product, you will be ensured that your trip will be more wonderful. Please kindly read the review below, and then you will find out more why you should consider this product.

Key Features:


This product comes with complete set of what you need for picnic: table, seat and umbrella. The table is designed with anodized, and locking for better performance. It is supported by aluminum frame which is strong, stable and rust resistant. Its dimension is about 33-inch length, 25-inch width and 16-inch height, which is the standard size to allow 5 or 6 people to sit comfortably. In addition, the umbrella measures 56-inch diameter which is the suitable size for fading the whole table. This UV-protection umbrella is made of heavy-duty plastic and its height can be adjusted up to 75 inches. It is equipped with push button for quick latch. Besides, it can be folded easily in just few seconds without any tools needed. It is compact and lightweight, which makes you more convenient to carry it. Finally, you will be offered one-year limited warranty.

Customer satisfaction over this item:

Most customers praised this picnic table because it is strong but lightweight and compact, so though they walk in long distance to their picnic area, it is not the big issue. Plus, table and seat is constructed with top-grade steel that will last for years. Many users are happy with this set because of the provided umbrella that is big enough to provide shade over a whole table.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Everything is not perfect, and so does this product. It has some small problems. At the first or second day of use, it will have some plastic smell from the umbrella but it does not last long.

3. Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table

Picnic table is the common things that most family need because it is easy to use and makes their family trip more wonderful. To help you save your money, and time, here you are suggested one kind of picnic table, Lifetime, which is the well-known product due to its high quality. If you choose the poor-quality one, it does not only destroy your money but your beautiful time and plan with family will be destroyed as well. Thus, to keep your trip plan go smoothly, you should read some description about the above-said product before making any decision.

folding picnic tables for saleKey Features:

This product is made of top-grade sturdy polyethylene for strength and durability. This material is tasted carefully and it is more sturdy than wood. The table measures 32.5 inches which is the standard size for your kids to enjoy their wonderful trip. In addition, seat can be sat by four children comfortably. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty steel for high stability and support. It is powder-coated finish which is weather and rust resistant. Additionally, both tables and chairs are stain-resistant and easy to clean. It stays bright for long time without yellow emerging though you use it for years. Importantly, it will not crack, peel, or chip. Besides, being foldable is very important for picnic table. This can be folded with ease in just few seconds without any tools needed. Because it is lightweight and compact, it is easy to stored and transported. Last but not least, this product will be backed with 2-year limited warranty.

Customer satisfaction over this item:

It is the great product which most customers reviewed five stars for. Being bright without stain is what most customers admired. Though you place it in the yard for month under rain and sun, it will not turn yellow. The size is very good that not even four kids but maybe four people can sit properly. One customer stated that it is strong and durable product though it fall from his car several times but it is not broken.

What that isn’t so great about this item:

Some small problems still exist, but it does not affect much the high performance of the product. The seat is slightly under the table, so it is a bit difficult for small kids but it is ok for big children.

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