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Best Facial Chair Review and Comparison

Best facial chair is the topic for this review. As there is a little bit of difficulties for many to find the best facial chair, our team has searched, reviewed and compared the available ones. As a result, we have found these three to recommend. Either in terms of the designs, quality or comfort, the three are seen superior. That is why we believe they are going to be your great choices. Consequently, we have brought them up here for you to see.

1. LCL Beauty Black Fully Adjustable Facial Bed / Massage Table

LCL Beauty facial bed / massage table is made to serve for various purposes including a tattoo table, massage table, salon chair and more than that. With such ability, many people who have come across it mostly have never missed to buy it for themselves or for their salon or massage parlour. If you are a person who cares about quality, you are also in a right place. This chair is made of high-quality heavy duty welded steel frame. This solid frame is a stamp that proves that it has no problem with bigger clients. Call us now to get this wonderful facial bed/chair by LCL Beauty.

1Key Features:

LCL beauty is always the leading brand in initiating new idea for beauty and health. Today, it has introduced LCL Beauty facial bed / massage table that is capable to serve for various purposes. It is a great bed for getting tattoo; having full body massage, and having your nail polished. It is featured with 4 inches thick high density foam that will offer users an ultra comfort. The headrest can be adjusted and extended 6 inches more for taller clients. Therefore, nothing should you worry that you have to buy different size of bed. Moreover, its welded steel base is equipped to make it sturdy and durable. Besides, this chair is made of high-quality heavy duty welded steel frame like an armour protecting and supporting it.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Easy to assembly is the first thing that many customers have talked about. They said it is straightforward and instruction is easy to follow. The assemble process was done in no time. On the other hand, if it is removed pillow, there would be a face hold. A lot of customers said they can comfortably lie on it. It offers them alternative if they want to use pillow or not.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, some others customers seem to dislike this facial chair for two reasons. First, few of them encountered bad experience with screw saying it is too tight and they could not open it. On the other hand, another difficulty is not on the facial chair, but the additional stool. They said it is not very comfortable.

2. New Massage Table Bed Chair Beauty Barber Chair Facial Tattoo Chair Salon

The most challenging task of massager is not to only to master massage therapy, but also to find a massage bed that could maximize the process. Today, Best Choice Products would like to introduce a new massage table that is adjustable and could be used for various objectives. The bed is made of thick foam that offer users ultra comfort and they would not forget. As a plus to your massage therapy, it would produce a combo that you clients could not resist not to come again next day. It can be adjusted according to your preference and situation. It is not hard to get it, just contact us and you will own this awesome bed/chair.

Key Features:


New Massage table bed chair by Best Choice Products has been designed with 3 sections that allow users to adjust it headrest and footrest with ease. You can put it flat like a table bed for the purpose of applying massage and getting tattoo, or otherwise you may raise it like a chair for barber and salon purposes. Its foot rest can be folded almost 90 degree allowing users adjust in regarding to their preference. The foam used by Best Choice Products is the high-quality soft foam and its thickness is up to 4.5 inches. Comparing to other products, it is infrequent that there would be massage table that could compete with it excellent service. The additional stool also provides a good assistant for therapist.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

The part that many customers always talk about is its removable soft pillow and face holder beneath it. Many users claim it is a comfy massage table as they can rest on its soft pillow or remove it when they have back massage because there is a face hole under the pillow. The table/chair is very stable, according to customers, because it has wood underneath that serve more effective role than cardboard.

What that isn’t great about this item:

However, some users strongly dislike its rolling stool saying the size and design is not comfortable. Some others users also complained about its complicated pieces saying it is hard to assemble and they have spent hours to completely and properly assemble it.

3. LCL Beauty White Fully Adjustable Facial Bed / Massage Table

If you are looking for a high quality massage table that is able to offer you a perfect service as well as you to enhance decoration of your salon, you should make this LCL Beauty facial bed / massage table as your top priority. Its soft foam would make you feel like you are having a massage on luxurious hotel and its innovative and white color design enhance it beauty and make it a perfect material suitable for crystallizing your salon. It is like a stone with two birds, do not let off this opportunity because you might not find any other massage table that are full of perfection and professionalism.

best facial chairKey Features:

LCL Beauty facial bed / massage table is 72 inches long and its headrest can be extended for additional 6 inches. Its width is 32 inches with armrests. With this standard size, users can feel no worry to serve all walks of life of user and with disregard to their size and height. Feature with welded steel base, this table is very sturdy as it can hold approximately 500 pounds clients. Its high density foam padding is 4 inches thick that it can capable to avoid clients from touching the hard surface. The pillow can be removed effortlessly and clients can enjoy it face holder when they have back massage. Its armrests are also removable, so you can easily take it out if you do not want it. Last but not least, its headrest can be extended to adjust with taller clients.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers said this table, both headrest and footrest, can be converted without difficulty. It is very simple and they could advance it in no time. What’s more from customers are the headrest can be extended up to 6 inches and thus they do not feel hesitate to serve taller customers. The price is also attractive with such sturdy and high quality table.

What that isn’t great about this item:

People think differently. Many customers claimed that the table is hard to put together. Few pieces did not fit with one another perfectly and they have to put lot of effort to finish it. On the other hand, the chair is claimed to be made of cheap material as it ripped after a couple of months.

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