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Best Electric Facial Chair Review and Comparison

Best electric facial chair products are not widely available to find online. However, our team still has managed to find a couple of them which are great for the quality and durable use to suggest. These three best electrical facial chair reviews below will give you the chair options as well as brief reviews to examine. If you are really looking for such a chair for your shop, you might find this very interesting and time saving to find your right one.

1. Electric Facial Chair, Massage Chair with Three 3 Motor

The award winning salon is not merely a salon that could provide good service to customers but also to make customers feel luxurious and special when they walk into the salon. Electric Facial Chair by Skin Act will help you in decorating your salon and enhance the quality of your salon to the peak level. Its ultra thick foam will make your clients rest well on the bed or perhaps they may fall asleep unintentionally. Do not surprise if you have more customers after you have upgraded your salon with this electric facial chair. One last thing, you can instantly upgrade you salon once this chair arrives your front door as it is already assembled.

1Key Features:

When put in default, the product dimension is 72 inches length by 24 inches width by 26 inches height with 4 inches width armrest. With such standard size, it is suitable for all types of customer no matter they are tall or big. The chair is 180 pounds that is heavy enough to make stable and sturdy. Above all, its electric adjustable function is a legendary. Customers can adjust its height, backrest and footrest with ease. They can make the chair into different positions such as lean or flat. Hence, you can use it for various purposes such as doing massage, having tattoo, and other salon purposes. Its removable face cradle offers users more alternative. Lastly, there is no assembly required, so you can install it on your salon instantly and effortlessly.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers claimed that the heavy duty frame installed beneath the table provides a strong support to the table allowing it to hold heavy clients with stability. Few others added that they have used it for a year and its sturdiness does not change. Its smooth surface is easy to clean. Customers said they can keep their salon sparkling sevens day a week.

What that isn’t great about this item:

There is only a problem that few customers have encountered. Those few customers claimed that there are yellow spots on it since it arrived. It really has bad impacts on white bed. They added that they have no choice but to use cover to hide those spot.

2. LCL Beauty Tattoo Package Electric Table Chair Arm Bar Bed Tray Studio Salon Spa

This full range bed is an all in one unit that helps your business to run smoothly and profitable. LCL Beauty electric table chair offers customers many options such as massage table, barber chair, tattoo table, salon chair and more. Therefore, users do not have to spend more money on separate units. It has beautiful and durable thick cushion that allows this chair to have a last-long high quality. You can try the chair by yourself and your would feel luxurious and comfortable once your back completely lay on it. In addition, its up-to-date technology also helps to make your salon more competitive in market.

Key Features:


LCL Beauty electric table chair is designed with great cautious that it would not produce any squawking or loud sound no matter how many years you have used it. Its high density foam padding would make you feel peace when you rest on it. With its black PVC leather, users can clean its surface with a single wipe. In additionally, its digital touch-sensor remote is user-friendly that users spend no time to get to know it. Also, its sensitive sensor allows users to control positions of the chair with their fingertip. It has friction-lock that helps with adjustable height. Lastly, it comes with an ultra large tray (21.5 inches x 15.75 inches) and 1 inches lid that is your best assistant in holding your tools and instruments necessary for your work.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many customers show their immense satisfaction that this chair is well-made. It has heavy duty steel frame to support it and makes it stable and durable. It is very easy to clean with a wipe. Those customers also said something good about its unbeatable price. They said they could have a high quality chair without spending lots of money.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Some customers said they have problems with its painted citing the paint peeled after they used it for several months and thus it makes the chair looks dirty like an artifact. A user reported that a bolt get loose and it makes a clicking sound like it almost fall down.

3. Eclipse 4 Motor Electric Facial Chair, Facial Massage Bed

Your business would be polished and professional with Eclipse electric facial chair. One must anticipated that it is an easy and less competitive market. However, the fact is completely reversed. If you cannot find something new or something special to offer pleasant feeling to your clients, you would not be able to survive this turbulent market. Eclipse electric facial chair is a key treasure. It is an electric facial chair that you can converted it and used it for getting tattoo, a full-body massage, having hair cut, and a facial. Why have to waste your money on separate units? Saving is the best solution for newly emerged business.

electric facial chairKey Features:

Different from most electric facial chairs, Eclipse electric facial chair has more motors than ordinary one, simply means it has 4 motors. The chair is manufactured with heavy duty frame that supports the weight capacity as well as to make the chair last long. Moreover, it is featured with breathable soft fabric and 4 inches thick cushion that offer ultra comfort to users as well as allow users to clean it just with a wipe. The remote control is very sensitive that users can control the position of the chair just with a slight touch. Plus, its long cord would make the operation much easier. It has hidden wheels allowing it to move effortlessly. Its default position is 72 inches length by 24 inches width by 26 inches height.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A number of users applauded its 4 motors that allow them to adjust more positions to comfort their clients. They added that their users really love this new electric facial chair rather than their previous 3 motors chair. Moreover, it can support 300 pounds weight capacity without difficulty or causing any instability.

What that isn’t great about this item:

The pillow that is removed and the hole where you put your face is extremely uncomfortable, claimed some users. One or two other customers said it makes squawking sound when they handle heavy and bigger clients.

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