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Best Dryer Chairs: Review and Comparison

If you are seeking for the best dryer chairs, you are very likely to find these reviews useful. Actually, many people find it a bit difficult to look for a dryer chair online. As it is so, our team wants to make things easier. We thus spent hours searching, comparing and reviewing for the best dryer chairs to recommend. Through those, we have finally come up with these three best dryer chairs to suggest for consideration. They are made very good for both the comfort and convenience. Their details below will tell you more.

1. LCL Beauty 1000 Watt Quiet Operation Professional Salon Hooded Hair Dryer

If you are getting bored of spending many times blowing your hair dry everyday by yourself, you may consider this LCL Beauty Professional Salon Hooded hair dryer. You can spend your time reading your interesting books or magazines. This hair dryer chair is actually in unprecedented demand for salons where many customers come every day. It offers a swift and excellent service in blowing hair dry. Thus, salons can take care of many customers per day. Unfortunately, some customers seem to fall asleep on the chair as they are very comfortable with its fairly soft foam.

1Key Features:

At first, let’s be aware that LCL Beauty Professional Salon Hooded hair dryer has been certified by International compliance to safety standards. This stamp already made the chair one of the top pick. However, LCL Beauty Professional Salon Hooded hair dryer is not only well-known by the stamp, its features are deserved applause. It is manufactured with 1000 watts of extra hot power that make this dryer powerful enough to make your hair dry in just minutes. The temperature ranges up to 162 oF. Also, with such powerful heat, it can handle many salons conditioning hair dryer or permanent wave need. In addition, it has 60-minute adjustable auto-shutoff timer making users more convenient. Last but not least, it has 12 inches smoke-gray diameter and can be raised 8 inches up.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Many users showed their great satisfaction through writing positive reviews on this salon hair dryer. Many of them wrote the temperature heats up faster and it is powerful as description. Therefore, they can have their hair dry fast and without doing any damage on their hair style. Other users also said its auto shut-off timer also offers great convenience to users as they can set it off in any time they want.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Few users said it is a bit hard to assemble particularly with tightening screw. They have to put much effort on it to make it done. Few others even complain that it has the same old-fashion design and it seems like it make no change on their salon.

2. “Bogart” Beauty Salon Dryer Chair

Your salons might be full of sleeping ladies. Manufactured with soft leatherette, “Bogart” Beauty Salon dryer chair is a good place to rest. Ladies might be very tired of shopping or other works and meanwhile want to preserve your beauty. Before, you have to sit on a solid chair to have your hair dry and make hair style for approximately one hour. You almost cannot stand with your backache as it makes you feel like you have a broken back bone. However, nowadays Icarus has gotten rid of this issue. Therefore, you do not have to spend money to do massage after salon. And also, salon owners should not complain if your customers come to your salon frequently and fall asleep on the dryer chairchair.

Key Features:


The first to look at for salon drying chair is its dimension. “Bogart” Beauty Salon dryer chair dimensions are 23.25 x 34.25 x 30.25 inches (L x W x H). Seat is 23 inches length by 20 inches width. Its seat height is 14 inches while back rest is 17 inches above seat and thus giving this chair a standard size. In addition to that, the chair is design to fit with most standard dryer unit. Its soft cushion leatherette on seat, backrest, and arm rests provide users an ultimate comfortable that you do not believe such salon chair would exist. Its black color is a plus as it makes the chair luxurious and eye-catching. Last but not least, its surface is smooth and easy to clean. You can keep your salon clean and gorgeous every day.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

Over 95% of customers who have purchased this chair really satisfied the result. The space is reportedly big enough, and some even asserted it is a standard size, that suitable for many different type of hair dryer. The seat is also big and have plenty room for bigger ladies. On the other hand, the price is reasonable with such high quality chair.

What that isn’t great about this item:

Few customers instead do not like its design saying the seat height is not standard and the chair induces backache. The arms is said to get loosen and fell off. However, most customers have never encountered such difficulty.

3. BR Beauty Kate Dryer & Chair Combo

If you want to find a dryer chair for your top professional salon, you may consider this BR Beauty Kate dryer & chair. Why you have to choose this one? Kate has never made you disappointed with its product. Dry and Chair both have their own special features. When it is combined, it makes a combo that offer users maximum comfort and effectiveness. You must be very eager to own it and have it at your home after you tried it at salon.

best dryer chairsKey Features:

There are two special parts that each reader should not miss to read. First, the chair is featured with tough material to support its holding capacity and thus makes the chair sturdy. In addition, extra thick but fairly soft cushion is used to make users feel extreme comfort. Its cushion arms are removable and users can remove it regarding to their preference. Secondly, let’s get to know its dryer. Kate has incorporated approximately 1000 watt hair dryer that allows the dryer to do its job quickly and extremely well. Also, it has timer that allows users to set it with regard to their style and desire.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

The dryer becomes fairly hot in no time and allows users to dry their hair quicker than other brands of dryer. On the other hand, during the operation, the dryer produces less or no noise, and thus they can feel relaxed when they were doing their hair drying. It is sturdy and durable. Many salons owners who have bought this dryer chair for their salon claimed after a year, nothing has changed on its quality and its color.

What that isn’t great about this item:

While most users are impressed by its quality and its look, some other customers came across unpleasant problem. Some said it is hard to assemble especially when tightening its screw. Some other added that its instruction makes them confused and they ended up spending times to complete it. Very few other customers said the dryer did not work since the very beginning.

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